Do you get a Bigger Boost if you take Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) at Night?

I have MCAS and started taking LDN. I feel like it is working best in the first few hours right after intake. Once it wears off, my symptoms come back. I try taking LDN twice a day. So I'm getting side effects, like severe dizziness. Does it make sense to try further increase the morning dose or will it still just work for approximately five hours?

What we don't know is whether the attendee, took it at night. So if you're taking it at night, theoretically, the circadian rhythm of when endorphins are normally produced at four or five in the morning could be boosted.

So if you take it and block endorphin producing cells, the endocrine cells that make endorphins, then theoretically you get a bigger boost and so you'll get more endorphins and bang for your buck if you take it at bedtime. You know, some people have trouble at bedtime dosing with insomnia. Some people don't. It varies quite a bit.