Do you need to be dairy-free?

Dr Masoud Rashidi
LDN Specialist Dr Masoud Rashidi

Do you need to be dairy-free?

Dr. Mathewson -  Because this individual's heard that dairy can have an opiate effect. This true: there's casomorphin morphine in dairy. It has a very mild opiate receptor activity. No need to be dairy-free when using Low Dose Naltrexone. 

Dr. Rashidi - One thing I want to add: like always, just for any of these to really work, and I know Dr. Mathewson talked about a little bit with the patient with psoriasis, you’ve got to have a good gut, so we always recommend people taking a good probiotic with LDN, just because, gut health is the most important. I'm sure we all agree here, but it's just really important to get a good probiotic, and just make sure you're clean eating. A lot of time gluten does contribute to a lot of overall autoimmune issues, so if you haven't tested for gluten sensitivity - sometimes people never thought they're gluten sensitive, but they do testing - and I know both doctors here, they do a lot of testing on that, and I'm sure I've talked to them a lot of times, and they all see it all the time, which is not surprising sometimes.

Dr. Sato-Re - I'm just going to add that for food sensitivities, gluten and dairy are one and two, pretty much one and two.

Answered by Lauren Mathewson, ND
Masoud Rashidi, PharmD, LDN Specialist
Mimi Sato-Re, MD

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