Do you treat MCAS or Hormone Disruption first?

Do you treat MCAS or Hormone Disruption first?

So with MCAS and hormone disruption, are you treating MCAS potential SIBO-SIFO before balancing hormones? 

I love this question because I think it really reflects what I would like to talk about and that is, and what my practice is, is it's part of the name of the practice and that's personalized medicine. 

My practice is aimed center for personalized medicine. So personalized medicine is really about trying to figure out what's the right thing for each individual patient. 

There are definitely cases where I have to go after the hormones first and that will help deal with the SIBO-SIFO issue in a way or at least allow me to be able to focus on that. 

But there are other times when you have to deal with the gut dysbiosis and the issues there before balancing the hormones. So there is no right way or answer. There may be, you might be seeing a practitioner who wants to go about it one direction. 

I might suggest another direction. We could both be right. It really is just about you and your body and what the major drivers are. 

I like to use the analogy of an onion and I like to think about peeling the layers away for a patient and so sometimes the hormones are a top layer of the onion and I thought it peeled out a way to get deeper and sometimes the hormones are a deeper layer and I've got to deal with what's before it.