Does LDN work in treating Crohn's Disease?

Leonard Weinstock, MD
Dr Leonard Weinstock
Specialists in Gastroenterology

TThis is Dr. Weinstock.  It was asked if Low Dose Naltrexone was effective or useful in Crohn’s Disease.

In the first LDN book, and also in the second book, detailed explanations about how well Naltrexone works in Crohn’s disease.  I would really recommend the reader to go through these studies one by one to get a better feel and increase confidence that at least 50 per cent of people are helped by LDN who have inflammatory bowel disease.

Now if you try to share this information with your medical provider, gastroenterologist, nurse practitioner, Physician’s assistant – you are going to need to show them the data to encourage them.

If that doesn’t work, there’s no harm in my opinion, of seeking out and LDN prescriber the because the addition of LDN to other modalities that treat Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis is complementary.  I have never seen a case where it made the condition worse.  Of course you do of potential for side effects and in the Crohn’s disease studies 10 to 15 per cent of the patients had to stop it because of insomnia or feeling jittery but as far as making the colonic or small bowel disease worse I have not seen that.

So I wish you well in your journey.