Does Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)  Help with Non-Inflammatory Pain and Pelvic Issues? 

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Does Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)  Help with Non-Inflammatory Pain and Pelvic Issues? 

Following up on the non-inflammatory pain questions.  I have chronic pelvic floor muscle pain, tailbone pain, bladder pain. My CRP was less than 0.3.  My understanding is this could be and I think she meant to write neuro.  Now I get neuropathy. Neuropathy pain.  But I'm not sure.  Thank you. You can take LDN for neuropathic pain.  It's used very well and I think you would be a good candidate.   I mean I know your CRP isn't high.  

Janine what were you going to say?  I think maybe, if she has been told by somebody that's neoplastic pain, that's when it's caused by sort of learned neuropathways.  I would imagine that our ... approach might be quite useful in that and something like mind therapy might be quite good or even going to see a pain psychotherapist.  That's quite a common thing.   I think in the States  I would tend to look at that if the CRP is as low as that and is non-inflammatory, but I'm not sure if the chronic pain, the chronic pelvic floor muscle pain, I'm sure there'll be some type of inflammation in there that will be causing that pain but I would certainly say that maybe that kind of therapy might be worthwhile looking at in a situation like that and it may be that  especially when you're dealing with pelvic floor muscle issues sometimes as the tissues atrophy with age you can actually have a surfacing of neurons.  Those nerves can be close to the surface and so you may need to build those tissues.  This could be from an injury and it could be from  even the use of a pessary or a diaphragm or something like that and sometimes even just having those tissues so thin and so weak can contribute to this, as well.  Especially when you're dealing with bladder.  Everything is so close together right there.

LDN would help but I think that there's going to be other medications and you brought up; amitriptyline before. We actually compound amitriptyline. Sometimes even with a little bit of Gabapentin and Naltrexone. Just a tiny bit of Naltrexone and we use that in a vaginal suppository so that it can go into the vaginal vault, dissolve and literally the medication will transverse and work in the bladder but it will also go around to the rectum, as well, because everything is so close right there.  It does really help.  That also might help with what is called the multi-layer issue associated with neither neuroplastic or neuropathic pain.  I've seen a lot of PT done and then using the suppository with diazepam even prior to some type of vaginal PT and had really good success with that.