Does Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Help Elevated Cholesterol Levels?

LDN Specialist
Dr Sam Lebsock and Pharmacist Michelle Moser

Does LDN help elevated cholesterol levels?  

I have seen LDN used but I haven't actually seen it lower cholesterol levels very well. 

I haven't really seen it just used for cholesterol because there's usually a lot going on with cholesterol that needs to be addressed.  LDN is a miracle drug but there is a lot going on here that needs to be addressed, like are they exercising? Is there an underlying low functioning thyroid?  What is their diet like?

Where I have seen LDN reduce cholesterol is when there's an underlying low functioning thyroid. LDN helps to normalize thyroid function and also helps to even out what's going on in the gut. Maybe someone is properly enhancing the biome of the gut. Not just taking probiotics but making a difference in what's going on with the gut biome because cholesterol isn't about eating bacon and eggs every day. That is not the issue. Usually it's a metabolic issue. When we see normalization of cholesterol levels it's usually due to a cascade of other things and thyroid plays a huge role in that. When your thyroid is not functioning well your body wants to make more cholesterol.  Cholesterol is the foundation of every other hormone in the body as well. If you normalize your hormone levels your cholesterol might normalize as well.