Does Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) help with Ulcers? 

Pharmacist Sabastian Denison
Clinical Pharmacist Sabastian Denison

Does Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) help with Ulcers?  We know that that's sort of an viral event.  We know that we can get really good traction with just a corticosteroid. We're seeing people who are getting them chronically who are able to use this but it's not going to be a rescue med. It's not going to have that really rapid response necessarily in the same way. But what I'm seeing from Nat I might do a combination therapy and doing like putting it in say a mucoid adhesive base where we're able to just apply it along with an antiviral, maybe something that's going to moisturize and protect it a little bit. So we would do something like that, but does it have a  role? A little bit because we know it's involved but I'd be looking more at the chronic patients not the out-of-nowhere event where you're getting it on your tongue or the inside of your lips. So yeah, it's how chronic are they is the better question. If they're not chronic does it have a rule? Maybe it will hurt?  No, will it cost a little bit? Yes if they're chronic, I would definitely put them on because that'll actually resolve some of those sorts of imbalances that are allowing to occur but also throw in some vitamin D.