Does Low Dose Naltrexone reduces elevated natural  killer cells or has any impact on Lymphocyte production?

Dr Phil Boyle
Dr Phil Boyle

My body apparently isn't producing enough Lymphocyte (Leukocytes) to sustain a pregnancy and I'm trying to understand if stopping Low Dose Naltrexone would fix that issue.


Reply: I have not seen LDN affect NK Cells. High NK cells can cause miscarriage and we suppress the immune system with prednisolone 20mg daily to treat this and reduce the risk of future miscarriage.

I had hoped LDN balance high NK cells - but it does not work clinically and we need to prescribe prednisolone in these cases.

I do not think LDN is reducing white cells for this person or increasing her risk of miscarriage.

The most common issue is low hormones or other factors that are difficult to detect with routine testing check this video