Does Twice a Day Dosing of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Benefit RA?

I have RA. LDN doesn't seem to be working.  I've gone up to eight milligrams but I can't get inflammation under control.  I have tried stopping and starting again at low dose.  Would going higher be appropriate?  

I have seen certain providers go up to 18 milligrams depending on what they're trying to treat and how much inflammation needs to be driven down.  Also, they’ve used multiple day dosing.  Sometimes we do need to be aware that  autoimmune effects go away when we start doing more than once daily dosing. So, it depends on the patient. I think if you're not seeing the benefits that you want you could try twice daily dosing. You could start with four milligrams in the morning and four milligrams in the evening and then seeing how you do and then titrate from there.