Dr Akbar Khan’s Presentation on Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Therapy at The LDN 2017 Conference

Dr Akbar Khan’s presentation on Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Therapy at the LDN 2017 Conference.

In this presentation Dr Khan talks about finding alternative treatments to treating cancer other than the conventional cytotoxic methods including chemotherapy, which can harm the body significantly.

He begins by discussing the rationale for non-toxic therapy, mentioning the contribution that cytotoxic chemotherapy can have to a five-year survival in adult malignancies. The contribution of chemo to the patient’s health in the long term proves to be an important topic.

Dr Khan also provides various case studies, including small bowel cancer and Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).

This is a summary of Dr Akbar Khan’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Khan’s story by clicking on the video above.

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