Dr Akbar Khan’s Presentation on LDN and Cancer at The LDN 2016 Conference

Dr Akbar Khan’s presentation on LDN and Cancer at the LDN 2017 Conference.

Dr Akbar Khan is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine (1992). After completion of his family medicine training, he joined a palliative home care team at his local hospital. This is how his focus on cancer patients began. In 1999, he co-founded PALIN, a registered charitable corporation which addressed the growing needs of cancer patients requiring symptom control and enhanced quality of life. 

Since 2007, Dr Khan has gained international recognition and has been treating patients from all over the world. He is privileged to be the first doctor in the world to prescribe off-label dichloroacetate (DCA) to treat cancer with positive results. As a result, he now has the most DCA experience of any physician in the world with over 1400 cancer patients treated as of October 2013.

In this presentation Dr Khan talks about the apathy of many medical professionals towards generic medicine solely because there is little profit to be made, and how it can lead to the neglect of genuinely effective treatments for patients.

This is a summary of Dr Akbar Khan’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Khan’s story by clicking on the video above.