Dr Asher Goldstein’s Presentation on Pain at The 2019 Pain Seminar

Dr Asher Goldstein’s presentation on Pain at The 2019 Pain Seminar.

Dr Goldtsein talks about the Opioid Epidemic in America, stating that over 1.4 million Americans misused opioids in 2017.

The history of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is also discussed. First formulated in 1963 to treat addiction and approved in 1984 for heroin and alcohol. Throughout the last forty years, LDN has been hailed as a “miracle drug” by some.

LDN is also explained in the context of treating pain. LDN uses the body’s own systems to treat pain and the side effects are minimal and tend to only come about at times of a change of dose. Such side effects include vivid dreams or mild anxiety.

This is a summary of Dr Asher Goldstein’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Goldtsein’s presentation by clicking on the video above.

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