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Dr. Udell is a leader in the healthcare industry with over thirty-six years of experience. Presently, he practices Special Needs Pediatric Medicine in Davie, FL, focusing on children with developmental disabilities including ADHD and Autism.

Dr. Udell is involved in several professional healthcare and charitable organizations, and has received numerous honors and awards. He holds a BA degree from Temple University, a Doctor of Medicine from Thomas Jefferson University, and an MBA from the University of Miami. Dr. Udell was the first pediatrician to publish medical research regarding the use of computers to calculate and document infant intravenous nutritional support. With his partners in Pediatrix Medical Group, they were able to expand treatment to infants throughout the United States, providing a new, improved level of in-hospital care for high risk newborns.

This newly emerging epidemic of Attention Deficit and Autism Spectrum Disorders has inspired Dr. Udell to focus his training and practice on problems with childhood development. Because there has been such an explosion of families who are affected by these challenges, he is in a unique position to help evaluate all of the available research and treatments, and to provide a combination of all of the proposed therapies so that his patients have the best chance to achieve their highest potential.

Dr. Udell publishes information about his unique practice at his popular website