Dr Brian Udell’s Presentation on Special Needs Pediatric Statistics at The LDN 2016 Conference

Dr Brian Udell has been treating patients with Autism since 1975 and opened his clinic in 2008 for developmentally delayed children. 

In this presentation Dr Udell reviews recent statistics for patients taking LDN in a special needs pediatric practice. He details how his medical career has led him on a journey which has exposed him to a variety of different naturopathic methods which can be successful in dealing with special needs.

Dr Jaquelyn McCandless’ 2006 report is also cited, which highlights that “LDN is joining our biomedical arsenal to help more and more children recover from autism as well as helping anyone with autoimmune diseases and cancer”.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder is explained in the context of a cycle, stating that social isolation, sleep disturbances and restricted interests can prove to be common stages.

This is a summary of Dr Brian Udell’s presentation. Please listen to the rest of Dr Udell’s presentation by clicking on the video above.

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