Dr Dana Keaton shares her Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Experience on The LDN Radio Show 2017

Dr. Dana Keating is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist licensed to practice medicine and acupuncture in Arizona since 1988. She spent 10 years in medical research after completing her pre-medical degree, she then completed national college naturopathic medicine's four year program and attended a three year program in acupuncture at Oregon college of Oriental medicine.

Her internship was at national where she's also director of research.

Naturopathy goes to the root of the problem and any illness will improve. If you treat the underlying what we call terrain, you work with the food that they're eating the exercise they're getting, helping them to detoxify from our environment, getting sleep,  just. basic things that we forget how important they are to our body, our society. It is the basis of our health. And then there are people who have problems that require more intervention and the more severe the problem, the more intervention, but still remembering at all times at that underlying human being and the health of that human being has to start with the underlying part and everything will improve.

Even if it's not cured, it will improve by working with that body.

These days, all of our chronic illnesses, which is what people mostly suffer for based on inflammation and as long as you're eating processed food and lots of meat and fried foods, you're going to have inflammation. It's not going to go away. No amount of pills is going to take that away because it's like throwing a piece of sand on the beach.

So I I'll often take people off of processed foods completely.

Have them eat about half their diet of vegetables.

I will tell that after a week off of fast food, sugars, etc, people's energy picks up so much that they definitely see the difference. Sometimes the joint inflammation, the headaches, and all of that starts to dissipate within about 10 days too.

Some patients come to me with fatigue and the only test that's ever been run on their thyroid is their TSH. That's certainly not enough. And oftentimes I find there is an underlying dysfunction there.

And adding thyroid, why we look for what the dysfunction is and if it's Hashimoto's and that directs me right away to get all the gluten out of their diet to give them appropriate thyroid medicine and to put them on LDN. The LDN is it's very interesting because I don't see it always changing the actual antibody titer a lot, but I do see it making a huge difference in how they feel oftentimes. Your energy. will pick up quite nicely when you add the LDN.

Lot of these people come into me on synthetic thyroid hormone and I'm starting them on something else. I might have them on a time release, T3 and T4.

I've started my patients to take LDN in the evening. Most people do fine just taking it in the evening. Occasionally the main side effect I see is effect on sleep. And so I tell them to stay with it for a week because most people within a week, it stops bothering their sleep.

But if it continues to bother asleep, then I can change it to a different time of day.

I had a woman who came to me with an enough product syndrome. She also had Hashimoto's. Her ankles were so huge that they hurt from the edema because of her kidneys. And the LDN for her was quite miraculous. We did other things initially. I put on a low protein diet using amino acids to build protein without hurting the kidney and then food sensitivity testing.

After she'd been on the LDN for two weeks, things started to improve and continued to improve. So her energy is good. She's able to do what she wants to do. She doesn't have painful ankles. She's not all swollen up. Her kidney function has stayed better and better.

So that was an amazingly great case.

And again, one nice thing about LDN is the lack of side effects. So why not try it in a lot of these cases where nothing else is available, that we know of? Why not try it? I would say the bulk of your patients are going to improve with those two things.

A gentleman came to see me from California who had Ulcerative Colitis and he'd had it for a number of years and nothing had worked.

They had tried Remicade, prednisone and Inuvik, everything that medical doctors had been tried and nothing worked. He couldn't have a normal life because he couldn't really leave the house for very long because of the bowel movements. He'd tried some dietary changes and they hadn't really stuck either.

So the doctor basically said: "We need to do a colectomy."

And that's when he came to see me. He flew over for a consult and we started him on a few anti-inflammatory herbs and the LDN, and I put him back on a diet that he had tried previously.

He did the thing and the followup. Called him two weeks later, he already was just ecstatic. He had gotten it down to the point where he only had two or three times a day where he had urgent bowel movements.

And then by the end of the month, no problem and less than a year's treatment that he's gotten to this point, his last scope, they didn't see any inflammation, which is remarkable.

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