Dr. Jess Armine

LDN Specialists Dr Sam Lebsock and Stephen Dickson, Pharmacists

Can Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Drops help Glaucoma?

Would the  LDN eye drop you mentioned be helpful for glaucoma?  He did mention that being used for glaucoma.  There's two different forms of glaucoma, right, so there's open and narrow angle and he didn't differentiate between those.  We're talking about a little teeny amount of Naltrexone in that eye drop.  It's very small.  So again, glaucoma is an inflammatory issue.

I was also told that an LDN nasal spray could help with eyes because when you squirt it up the nasal passage it can not go in the eye but work with the eyes?  We've had a number of patients on that over the years, maybe six five, six months ago.  You could potentially use that because you get quite a lot of mucosal transfer of drug from nasal passage to underneath the eyes.  It would tend to be more important to use it in diseases where you have problems with your inflammatory disease in your tear ducts or you've got constant long-term dry eye or even inflammation from dry eye.  Potentially a bit of a Naltrexone in an LDN nasal spray might make it make a difference.  Either of you have you had any experience with that?  I don't compound sterile eye drops. I haven't seen the nasal sprays used so I normally go with oral with that type of thing.