Dr Jim Hrncir shares his Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Experience on The LDN Radio Show 2017

Pharmacist Jim Hanser who is the founder of Los Colinas, pharmacy compounding and wellness in Texas since 1984 shares his experience with Low dose Naltrexone.

I do want to start up by saying that thank you for what you do Linda Elsegood, because you have been an inspiration patient to me, even in inspiration to a lot of patients with your own personal case and putting that out there, which might've been painful for you, but I do appreciate what you've done and the work that you've put in to help patients achieve better health.

And I read your book and it was inspiring to me and an important read for my patients because that's what's most important is how we take care of our patients.

We started our pharmacy back when I was a kid. We had family,  friends that were pharmacists. They owned their own pharmacies and drug stores.

I got a degree in pharmacy.

It's quite a struggle to get your own pharmacy and I really applaud those who have done.

After working about two, four years,  for some of the chain pharmacies, I had an opportunity to start my own pharmacy. And at first it led us into dermatological compounding. And we were having early successes with that.

I started realizing that that western medicine, traditional medicine did not have all the answers. It's not they're trying to do a good job. Most of my friends are traditional doctors, but I thought there's got to be something more out there. So I started investigating integrative medicine or functional medicine.

And in the late eighties we opened the store.

We have our providers doctors who write prescriptions for compounds, we tested our products.

We become accredited in 2014.

We compound LDN capsules, liquid, cream and a spray nasal.

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