Mark Shukhman, MD - Sexual Function (2016 Conference) (LDN, low dose naltrexone)


Mark Shukhman, MD - Sexual Function (2016 Conference) (LDN, low dose naltrexone)

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In this presentation Dr Mark Shukhman talks about Low Dose Naltrexone and sexual functioning.  Although human sexual response is not limited to a mechanistic interplay of hormones, neurotransmitters etc., but also includes psychological and social factors, this presentation is only focused on those aspects of sex functioning that are possibly modifiable with low dose naltrexone (LDN) - focusing of course on mostly the opioid system and inflammation.  This is possibly the first systematic review of the effects of Low Dose Naltrexone on sexual functioning. 

Sexual dysfunctions are even more prevalent in those who have chronic illness. Dr Shukhman asks the question: are autoimmune conditions caused by sexual dysfunction?  He discusses the role of sex hormones on both sexual dysfunction and autoimmune disorders. He goes on to state that low dose naltrexone enhances endorphins - endorphins play a significant role in sexual functioning - endorphins participate in post-coital hormonal changes. LDN regulates the inflammatory process - inflammation affects sexual functioning. 

Dr Shukhman concludes with how to use low dose naltrexone for sexual dysfunction.

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