Dr Richard Nahas’ Presentation on Treating Blockages (2018 LDN Conference)

In this presentation Dr Richard Nahas discusses blockages in the energy flows in the body and how inflammation can make the situation worse.  These blockages can come from dental infections from wisdom teeth, or root canals, surgical scars, no matter how big or small, whether it's a large scar from a broken hip or an abdominal surgery, or simply a tonsillectomy or a toenail resection. All of this can be related to chronic postoperative pain, even minor traumas like animal bites or insect stings and concussions. These can all cause blockages by creating scar tissue in the connective tissue made of collagen and preventing the flow of vibration in the long chains of fascia that the Chinese called acupuncture channels.  

There are 150 or more autoimmune diseases and dozens of cancers, which are all related to dysfunction of the immune system. This is what all of these diseases have in common and this is what Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) essentially targets. So this is why it's important to understand that blockages can be the root cause of the dysfunction that Low Dose Naltrexone treats.