Elizabeth from England shares her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story

Elizabeth began experiencing symptoms in 1990 but wasn't diagnosed with MS until 2004.

She had a late diagnosis and wasn't actually diagnosed until 2004. She would have numbness in her legs lasting for a week or two, recurring every couple of years and gradually deteriorating until in 2004 she lost coordination and was unable to walk. After the diagnosis, she quickly advanced to the secondary progressive stage.

The diagnosis came as a relief as she thought she'd suffered a stroke.

Since taking Low Dose Naltrexone her life has improved considerably and she wishes she had commenced treatment earlier as her left leg is quite severely affected. Her quality of life has gone from 9 to 1 in terms of wellbeing and to 3 physically because of impairment. She now feels more relaxed, her walking is less jerky and, most importantly, within three days she recovered control of her bladder.

She heard about LDN from a fellow MS sufferer and decided to try it but was unable to get a prescription as it's off-license. 

She obtained it through Prescribe For Me.

She had no adverse side effects from LDN apart from disturbed sleep patterns and vivid dreams. She felt much better and more relaxed and knew the LDN was working within three days.

Her partner has even begun taking it as he is envious of her resistance to infections!

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