Is the FDA coming after oral peptides, too? 

Kent Holtorf and Yusuf Saleeby
Dr. Yusuf Saleeby and Dr. Kent Holtorf

Is the FDA coming after oral peptides, too? 

I’ll let Kent handle that one. That's in his realm.  

I hope not. We do have plan B and plan C. I think we'll be able to offer injectable peptides, hopefully in two months and I'll let you know how we're going to do that. 

I just can't believe the FDA and the medical giant, medical machine industrial complex can send someone to MAYO clinic. It's just horrible. They won't publish anything that isn't just big pharma. 

You mentioned Thymus and Alpha One, the reason they banned it because it was safe and effective for COVID. They wouldn't be able to put out the vaccine, so they had to ban it. 

There are some compounders that have been compounding some of these peptides who are offering alternatives that aren't banned. So that's at least a patch until maybe this thing is all reversed and we get our peptides back without any restrictions. Right now the penalties can be pretty heavy if caught compounding them or prescribing them. 

They'll start doing the roam devastate a couple of compounding pharmacies and everyone will stop. But there is a nice thing - we're shooting for 22 new products in the next quarter, a combination of bioregulators and peptides that are orally bioavailable. We're going to true liposomal because like normal liposomal, they take Lecithin or Phosphorylcholine shake it up, go here's Liposomal. But it's not. You have to make sure the company guarantees it to be stable for two years. We're very excited about it, but everything takes a while because we test the crap out of everything and it's costly, but we will know it works. I'm still optimistic.