Is fibromyalgia an endocrine/endorphin deficit disorder?... (Abstract)

Is fibromyalgia an endocrine/endorphin deficit disorder? Is low dose naltrexone a new treatment option?

04 April 2012

The most common medications given for newly diagnosedindividuals with fibromyalgia are opioids – 56%, antiepi-leptics – 29%, and tricyclic antidepressants – 21%.20If thepresented hypothesis that fibromyalgia is an endocrinedisorder holds true, using opioids for pain control wouldbe the exact opposite of effective treatment, as exogenousopioids would suppress the endorphin system, eventuallyworsening symptoms. This case clearly identifies defini-tive response of symptoms of fibromyalgia to LDN in oneindividual. LDN may be a useful, cheap, and relativelysafe medication for the management of fibromyalgia.