Fibromyalgia Year in Review: 2022 (News)

Fibromyalgia Year in Review: 2022
26 December 2022

The seminal work for things like low-dose naltrexone came out probably about a decade ago, but there is more and more leaned about the utility of that drug, not only in fibromyalgia, but any central sensitization syndrome, and even in some autoimmune disorders. Some reviews on low-dose naltrexone and case reports for low-dose naltrexone this year that have been worthy of reading. Providers oftentimes feel that their armamentarium for helping address symptoms for fibromyalgia patients can be quite limited with the currently available number of FDA approved drugs. Researchers or clinicians who are read this feature are encouraged to continue to focus on making sure that fibromyalgia patients are heard, seen, and validated, and are being given the best care possible, and being referred for fibromyalgia-specific care as much as possible.