Hair Analysis Versus Urine Analysis

Hair Analysis Versus Urine Analysis

Answered by Dr. Jess Armine

Is it high in hair analysis but not in urine?  Does that change your recommendations?  Provoke urine test?  Concerning hair analysis,  let's say it's a lady, for that matter, and they're coloring their hair, which throws everything off.  Just throw it away.  If they can use pubic hair that would be wonderful because unless you're coloring down there, which I hope you're not, you know you're gonna get a better result.  The only thing I can get more of is that pubic hair takes longer to grow so the concentrations will be higher but the pattern remains the same. So if this was on a person who does color the hair or is in proximity as a hairdresser and so forth then I'd be leaning towards the urine test.  If the urine test was a spot test and there was no provocation I'm not really sure because the provocation pulls the heavy metals out so with the urine did they use a did they use a provoking agent?

You can answer because you just answered the other one. It would say on the bottom post provocative.  That's what it would say on the test.

No provocation. Heavy metals tend to hide in places and you may not see it on the urine test whereas in the hair it's what's being excreted on a regular basis.  If I have a person like Chelsea, okay I was like this is the only thing I'm finding, you know.  So I go back to Sherlock Holmes when you rule out the impossible.  Whatever's left, however improbable must be the truth.   I started getting rid of the uranium.   I started doing these other things and she started getting better.  

It was a matter of if there's nothing else I can find.  There are a few things people have had like that.  If you have a patient or your relative or your loved one has nothing, you know you've been through this, that the other thing.  You've done everything and this is what's left.  You've got the hair analysis, you got the urine but the urine hasn't been provoked.  Wherever the uranium is hiding it's staying there.  It's just coming out a little bit at a time.  It's going in the hair.  I would lean towards the hair analysis.  If I had a provoked urine test and didn't show any uranium, okay.  I'd question it because people tend to color their hair. If  they're not coloring their hair and you have a spot urine test I'm going to lean for those reasons I just mentioned towards the uranium. Of course, where they live they live in the American southwest.