How do I Build up My Vitamin D with Receptor SNPs?

Dr Paul Anderson
Dr Paul Anderson

People who have vitamin D receptor SNPs that keep vitamin D low, is their way to build it up? I have enough information to give a partial answer.

With respect to keeping vitamin D low is you have to verify it's actually low. By that I mean screen people with 25 oh vitamin D3 or 25 D3.  Those are common screening tests. There are also 24, 25 and 125 that come after.  In most laboratory settings you can order both 25 oh and then 125.  Often you see that it's a hydroxylase pathway that converts.  A lot of people who can't raise their 25 oh D3 it's not as much the SNPs on the vdr receptors as it is that they're hyper-converting to 125. Often,  25 oh will be normal or low.  125 will actually be elevated.  I didn't really get into this deeply but if you go into the vitamin D metabolism notes they tell you why that happens.  Inflammatory activity is a big reason.  Whenever we have somebody who is taking vitamin D and K2 and their vitamin D won't go up at the 25 oh level then we always check 125. 

Many of those people will have their 125 be super high.  It's because the inflammation is causing the hydroxylase enzymes to take your 25 oh out and convert it downstream. You might think  that's one of the active forms, how bad can it be?  Its because it imbalances the active form.  So the first thing you have to figure out is it really low or is it the 125 that is getting all the glory.  

The next thing though is with the SNPs. When checking  your vitamin D levels and they are still low are low normal then taking vitamin D is one of the only ways that has been shown to down regulate vitamin D receptor SNPs.  It is a good idea but first making sure that's really your problem is the next good idea.