How do I dose LDN Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) while on psychiatric drugs?

How do I dose LDN Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) while on psychiatric drugs?

How do I know if I take the psychiatric drugs with withdrawal on board?

This is a little bit more complex question and I'm just going to see if I can answer it briefly. Linda, you can see this question just about some of the other complex psychiatric meds. These are some really, really interesting discussions because we're seeing this BID dosing used for psychiatric patients who are on some of these higher dose medications, things like Crotamine, some of the Clonazepam medications, some of the antipsychotics, as well as the other mood stabilizer drugs.

What we've seen in the literature, as well as clinically, is the addition of Naltrexone. Usually, we stabilize somewhere between 1 to 2.5mg BID, somewhere in that range. We see those other medications working well and then we can actually start withdrawing some of the other meds and we don't see the same complexity and dependence, so to speak.

Now we're just dealing with receptor loading and we still do that slow decrease in all of the medications. And this is where compounding really comes into play, because if we're compounding Naltrexone for the patient, we can compound smaller dose decrease increments and prevent some of the nasty withdrawal effects of these medications. Venlafaxine is one of the hardest medications to dose decrease patients on because the step in between the commercially available doses is way too big and patients really decompensate. And I can say that for all the benzodiazepines and the antipsychotic medications, they're very complex.

We do want to see a very slow decrease in these patients. I would work with some compounding pharmacists. The national health system in the UK can be difficult, but there is a compounding pharmacy in the London, UK area, and I know Linda knows who they are. So, if you reach out to her directly, she can put you in contact with that pharmacy and they can actually help you with those questions directly. And if they have questions, how to get a hold of me. And I don't want to get too far deep in your specific case because this is an open platform and I don't want to step on any privacy issues.