How Do You Dose Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for PTSD?

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Answered by LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Sam Lebsock
LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Sam Lebsock

Is LDN helpful for  PTSD? Any difference in the dosing schedule?  I read somewhere it should be twice a day. This is great.

So I see LDN used a lot for many different mental health issues. PTSD is one of them. Normally it is twice a day,  sometimes three times a day. And it's so it is taken slightly different than it would be for your autoimmune disease patients; there's a really great, I can't remember if it's uh book one or book two that goes into PTSD specifically. Do you guys remember?   There's an excellent chapter is actually in the book about PTSD, and I would recommend reading it. But usually twice to three times a  day. It's volume two: chapter 10,