How do you treat ligament laxity?

How do you treat ligament laxity?

I have a patient who's lingering symptoms after COVID is ligament laxity in the spine and back pain. Is there any particular treatment you'd apply for the symptom? What mechanism would you suspect is causing it or MCAS, Mast Cell Activation Disorder? 

Well, like I said, the spike protein in long COVID has innumerable symptoms. This is similar to the Fluoroquinolone toxicity problem, okay, with Fluoroquinolone antibiotics cause this exact problem, okay? 

Here's some of the things that have worked. Doing exactly what I said before, and perhaps adding in Liposomal vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C will get into the disc and into the ligaments because those things have very little blood supply. 

And we'll strengthen them because what vitamin C does is take proline into hydroxyproline. What that means, think about proline as being twined, okay, [verbal gesture] right? Whereas hydroxyprolines like steel cable. 

So probably what happens in somebody like this is that vitamin C is being used up elsewhere as an antioxidant and is not available to help this particular problem. 
Mast cell activation disorder. Very interesting. I just answered the question in the zero spike group earlier just before I attended this. In Mast Cell Activation Disorder, part of it is dealing with the inability to break down histamine, okay? What's helpful is knowing the genetic polymorphisms, if they're of DAO, which is Diamine Oxidase, the Aldehyde Dehydrogenase family, HNMT, MAO A and B, and NAT2. 

That gives you the opportunity to perhaps supplement where the lack is, okay? They do make Diamine Oxidase. DAO. It's made from a kidney source, a bovine kidney, or they have a vegetable source. Okay, so vegans and vegetarians can use it. 

And I think the vegetables is even better. Okay, my colleagues and my patients in Japan love that. I mean, it just works very, very well for their allergies. Okay, I would go ahead and fix the cell membranes, because what's happening in mast cells is that they're degranulating very easily with very little signaling, which indicates a compromised cell membrane. 
Okay, mast cell stabilizes a great person in some of the medications, but if you don't concentrate on fixing the cell membrane, you'll never get that stabilized. So cell membrane and consideration of the co-factors and co-enzymes for the extracellular histamine degradation pathway and the intracellular.