How long do I need to be on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) to see results? 

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Michelle Moser
Pharmacist, Michelle Moser

How long do I need to be on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) to see results? 

Having ME for over 35 years, having been on LDN for approximately two months, mixed feelings so far. I've gone up to 4 mg, but have gone back to 2.5. Any suggestions for ME? How long do I need to be on it to see results? Lastly, does it have a negative effect on the immune system when, for example, if I've had an infection? 

This is a very loaded question, and a lot of really good components to this. So ME, again, is surrounded in inflammation. Low Dose Naltrexone can definitely help with the inflammatory processes because of how it works, its mechanism of action. In the first LDN book, there is a chapter on ME, and there are 20-plus studies specifically on ME. 

When taking Low Dose Naltrexone, it's not about the dose. It's about your results and how well you are doing on whatever given dose you're at.

We can do some blood tests and look at some inflammatory markers. That can give us some clues. But there's also some other components that are usually not tested for. For example, what are your genetic tendencies? Do you have some SNPs? Do you have some variabilities in your genetics that perhaps allow you to metabolize certain drugs better than others? We need to pay attention to those as well. LDN isn't necessarily always a monotherapy. 

In other words, it's not necessarily always taken by itself. There could be other medications that may be helpful as well, so we need to kind of dive into that a little bit further. 
I would say that if you're on LDN for anywhere 6, 9, 12 months and you're still not seeing good results, don't let it go past 6 months before trying other doses and see if maybe that'll help as well.