How Long Does it Take to Notice an Improvement when Taking LDN?

Dr Norman Marcus, Pain Specialist
Pain Specialist Dr Norman Marcus

If a patient comes to you and says  I've got chronic back pain. How long is it likely to be before I notice an improvement, would you have a rough idea of how long it normally takes?  

So once again, it is like that question about the shoe size because when have I reached the maximally effective dose, if I have somebody on 4.5 or 4  500 micrograms per day and their maximally effective dose is one, they'll never get there. So it's all based on the maximally effective dose is a function of the patient reporting I feel better. So, so it's not like when am I  going to feel better at this dose,  it's rather when are you going to reach the dose that'll make you feel better. You have to flip it around. You can't stay in that paradigm that my dose is 4.5. When am I going to feel better?