How long will the pain relief work for the next day if Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is taken at night?  What is that process, and can you take more during the day?

LDN Specialist Pharmacist Stephen Dickson
Pharmacist Stephen Dickson

Can you explain the process of taking LDN at night? How long will the pain relief work for the next day? Also, can I take more during the day?

This has been answered on a great number of occasions and you will be able to find many videos talking about dosing. Although there is a bit of a divide between America and the UK with some differing opinions across Poland. Here we recommend that basically everyone starts taking LDN in the morning because we notice that there's no real clinical significant difference in the outcomes that the patient get and we have no risk of interrupting sleep patterns.

We are worried that even by taking it at nighttime, in some patients, even though they feel they've had a good sleep, that we have actually interrupted the REM cycle with the release of the endorphins etc that happen when you take LDN.

The question about how long will the pain relief work for the next day and can you take more during the day?

LDN is not like Tylenol or paracetamol. It's not like Ibuprofen. This is not directly targeting the pain receptors or the pain itself, in the same way that a painkiller does. What LDN is doing is; it's dampening down inflammation using a different biological process. Meaning that the pain is not being stimulated by other biological processes in such an intense way. So LDN, when taken every day for a period of time, can dampen down that autoimmunity or the inflammation that's being produced by the body that's causing the pain. Therefore, taking more during the day actually wouldn't make much difference to you and in fact could be detrimental because you could go above the threshold where LDN is working in the method that it does on the anti-inflammatory receptors and those pathways. We'd recommend only taking LDN once a day unless you have something like Crohn's disease.

Once a day and give it time. Give it two to three months to actually start to work and for the time to improve gradually.