How many milligrams of protein would you recommend women get per day and are supplements available?

How many milligrams of protein would you recommend women get per day and are supplements available?

I use one gram per pound of ideal body weight or lean body mass if you happen to know it. That is a little on the high side if you look at some of the RDA recommendations, but it is in line with some really good data that's been published on aging, helping with prevention of falls, on bone health, on lots of things. So I prefer, especially in patients who have been sick and are in a catabolic state where their body is sort of breaking down muscle and especially maybe not even eating correctly. I recommend one gram per pound. 

So that looks like if you're 120 pounds, that's going to be about 120 grams of protein, which is hard to get, especially if your diet is limited. So, you might not be able to get there, but you do your best to try to figure out sources of protein. 

Are protein-based supplements available for those of us who don't eat a lot of meat?

And there are, and it really depends. Some people will need to use things like essential amino acids. They're available in a powder. So you can get sort of, it's not really protein, but it's sort of all the essential amino acids that you may not be getting for protein. That might be a solution. There are a number of protein-based powders on the market. 

I have my own store and my own products. I have a pea protein for some people who can't tolerate any animal protein. We have protein that's based on beef. It's a beef bone broth type protein powder that's been hydrolyzed and broken down. That might not be right for people, right? I'm not suggesting that, but there are different types of protein sources that you can supplement. diet with. I'm still a firm believer in whole food diet, so getting it from food is always better, but there are, you know, these various ways to try to do that. 

When I take animal protein, my TMAO goes high. I'm a functional MD myself, taking LDN since 2015. So, this is actually a controversial topic. TMAO is trimethylamine N -oxide, which we know can be derived as actually formed by bacteria in the gut that sort of converts it to TMAO. But there's a lot of very conflicting research on TMAO, whether it actually does lead to heart disease. And I'm not convinced on any of that data. I've read them all, and I'm not convinced that eating meat is problematic. 

There may be some genetic. issues and for you personally, maybe that's a problem, but, and I, you know, again, everything has to be individualized. I don't think that worrying about a TMAO, generally speaking, is what's necessary, you know, and we've been eating animal products from the beginning of time.