How mold exposure can cause chronic health problems for decades?

I used to think that mold in a water-damaged home was harmless. Heck, it’s practically a plant, right? Boy was I wrong. Certain types of mold from water-damaged buildings can trigger chronic health problems including chronic fatigue, neuropathy, respiratory problems and much more. The saddest part is that symptoms can remain long after the exposure...even 50 years later!

This fascinating article describes why this can happen: Even when we move away from the moldy building, the mold can come with us. ...hidden right under our noses.

The paper shows evidence of how mold spores are able to implant in sinus tissue, create a biofilm that protects them from the body’s immune system, then live happily ever after while releasing toxic byproducts into the body.

Luckily the paper mentions some treatment approaches that may help remove the mold and also improve other symptoms. The authors write that after treatment “ninety per cent of the patients had a dramatic decrease in their systemic symptoms, including neurological conditions of tremor, ataxia and vertigo, among others [63].”

That’s encouraging! If you suspect a past mold exposure is contributing to your symptoms, you may want to give this a read. Either way, think twice before living in a home with water damage.


Brewer JH, Thrasher JD, Hooper D. Chronic illness associated with mold and mycotoxins: is naso-sinus fungal biofilm the culprit?. Toxins (Basel). 2013;6(1):66-80. Published 2013 Dec 24. doi:10.3390/toxins6010066

Blog article by Jill Brook, MA

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