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Jill Brook, M.A., is a nutritionist, researcher, and 25-year sufferer of severe POTS with MCAD (postural tachycardia syndrome with mast cell activation disorder). She earned degrees from Princeton University and UCLA, worked as a researcher/statistician at both universities and the Pritikin Longevity Center, then became a nutritionist in private practice in Pasadena, California. She counseled individuals and families, consulted for Caltech and Disney, appeared multiple times on NBC's Today Show and Good Morning America, wrote books, trained other nutritionists around the globe, and became increasingly debilitated by orthostatic intolerance. She eventually became homebound, despite treatment from top experts, but never stopped seeking better solutions. Some of her most successful solutions came from attending the 2016 LDN conference via livestream.

Thanks largely to LDN, IVIg, diet and SIBO treatment, Jill is again on her feet and feeling well. She is back to nutrition counseling, now with a much deeper understanding of specialized diets for those with special needs and chronic illness. She also volunteers as a researcher/statistician to several POTS experts investigating better treatment approaches. She serves on the boards of four patient advocacy groups and, with her ever-supportive husband, runs their non-profit organization,, which collaborates with university researchers to help them more easily collect data about POTS and related conditions. Jill is also the Research Advisor for the LDN Research Trust.