Koshland Compounding Pharmacy - San Francisco, California

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301 Folsom St #B
San Francisco, California 94105

Phone: 415-344-0600
Email: info@koshlandpharm.com


Koshland Compounding Pharmacy is a PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy serving patients throughout California. We provide individualized, high-quality treatments, including low-dose naltrexone therapy, and work closely with both patients and their doctors to ensure optimal treatment outcomes. Quality matters when it comes to compounded medications, including low-dose naltrexone therapy. Not all compounding pharmacies follow the same procedures or test their products equally. For example, at Koshland Pharm:

  • We source our ingredients from PCCA, the wholesaler with the highest standards for quality control, performing over 14 checks and analyses on every batch it sends to pharmacies.
  • We perform weight capture checks on all compounded capsules to ensure that each capsule has the same amount of medication as another.

We send 10% of our compounded medications out monthly for testing to ensure accurate potency. 

Note: To save on cost, some patients inquire about using the 50mg manufactured naltrexone tablets by dissolving them in water, and using a dropper to attain the small dose typically seen with LDN therapy. We highly discourage this practice as it makes inaccurate dosing very likely. For low-dose naltrexone therapy to be effective, the dose must be very precise (often to the 0.1mg).

Only by having the medication compounded can patients be sure that they are being dosed correctly and expect to have the highest chance of a positive clinical outcome. Pharmacists at Koshland Pharm are experts in low-dose naltrexone therapy. Please call us at (415) 344-0600 to discuss your individualized treatment plan today.