Off-label pharmacological treatment for neuropathic pain... (Abstract)

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Off-label pharmacological treatment for neuropathic pain: A Delphi study by the Spanish Pain Society Neuropathic Pain Task Force

Pain Pract
29 October 2022

Objectives: The use of off-label pharmacotherapies for neuropathic pain (NP) is growing relating to the many unmet needs of patients. However, clinical guidelines fail to address it, and the available evidence is sparse and fragmented. We arranged a formal expert consensus to address this controversial issue and provide some guidance on judicious use.

Methods: A two-round standard Delphi survey that involved pain clinic specialists with experience in the research and management of NP was done over an ad hoc 40-item questionnaire prepared by the authors. Consensus on each statement was defined as at least either 80% endorsement or rejection after the second round.

Results: Forty-three and thirty-seven panelists participated in the first and second round, respectively. Consensus was reached in 34 out of 40 statements. Endorsed alternatives for unresponsive patients include non-gabapentinoid antiepileptics (oxcarbazepine and eslicarbazepine), venlafaxine, intravenous lidocaine (when doses can be optimized), and some vaporized cannabinoids (under appropriate surveillance). In addition, lacosamide, low-dose naltrexone, propofol, or ketamine could prove beneficial if subjected to more research. Other options were rejected, and there was controversy about the usefulness of topical preparations.

Discussion: For patients who do not respond to standard NP treatments, some other viable pharmacological options can be attempted before advancing to other therapeutic stages. This may help patients who are reluctant to or have some contraindication for interventional therapies.

Keywords: Delphi Technique; intractable pain; neuralgia; off-label use; review.