Laurie from the United States shares her Lupus & Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Story

Laurie was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease aged 12 and at 22 suffered mixed connective tissue disease, various types of arthritis, progressive scleroderma and lupus. Despite seeing many different doctors her symptoms deteriorated leaving her feeling useless with a low quality of life scoring only 1. She had little energy and was losing muscle strength. Often unable to walk she was forced to crawl. As a professional pianist who could no lomger play she was miserable.

Since the age of 22 she had taken Prednisone in fluctuating doses. She was taking other drugs to offset the side effects of steroids which simply masked the pain.

She runs a B&B and when a guest suffering from MS told her about LDN in 2013 she began an autoimmune diet with supplements and weaned herself off strong medication taking only 5mg of steroids daily. Her inflammation reduced considerably and she is now full of life. She is able to dress herself, do chores and prepare breakfast for her guests. She has her life back and no longer suffers from depression.  She can even run! Her quality of life she  now rates at 10.

This is a summary. To listen to the whole LDN interview please click the video link.