LDN 2019 Conference - Friday Afternoon Q&A (LDN, low dose naltrexone)


LDN 2019 Conference - Friday Afternoon Q&A (2019 Conference) (LDN, low dose naltrexone)

Presentations on the below and questions were asked in relation to:

  1. Treating Depression in Patients with Autoimmune Conditions Mark Shukhman, MD - Dr Elizabaeth gave this presentation for Mark
  2. Major Depressive Disorder Beth Livengood, NMD
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury: Low Dose Naltrexone and Microglial Modification Sarah Zielsdorf, MD, MS
  4. Treating Psychiatric Disorders with LDN Case Studies Galyn Forster, MS, LPC
  5. Naltrexone Dosing in Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Symptoms Ulrich, PhD
  6. Immune Dysfunction in Post-Treatment Lyme Disease: Using Naltrexone
  7. to Balance Chronic Inflammation Cory Ticheur, ND
  8. Endometriosis and Touch on a few Women’s Health Topics Olga L. Cortez, MD, FACOG