LDN 2019 Conference - Saturday Afternoon Q&A (LDN, low dose naltrexone)


LDN 2019 Conference - Saturday Afternoon Q&A (2019 Conference) (LDN, low dose naltrexone)

Presentations on the below and questions were asked in relation to:

  1. The Use of LDN and Amino Acids in Parkinson’s Disease Ted Cole, DO
  2. LDN, Neuroinflammation and Movement Disorders Mark Cooper, PhD
  3. LDN and Memory Loss Pamela Smith, MD
  4. Sleep - PTSD HPA Axis Dysregulation - LDN & The Gut-Brain Barrier Elissa Mullen, ND
  5. “Just Try LDN”: 3 years of insight from over 1,000 Patients use of Low Dose Naltrexone Sarah Zeildorf, MD, MS
  6. LDN, Pain and Immunity Steve Ottersberg, MS
  7. LDN - Key Ingredient in the Biomedical Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Brian Udell, MD