LDN for Chronic Fatigue (CFS/ME)

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As far as the fatigue, I think LDN has been used for that as well too, because of that endorphin increase. And it helps for a lot of chronic fatigue patients. Actually, we have seen really good results with LDN. I've had one patient that we talked to the doctor, and we ended up like three times a day, just because she would just get up and not be functional, and then a few hours later she would get tired, so we do like morning take a very small dose, and then throughout the day, and maybe the last one around four. She couldn't even go to school. This girl was really sick and fatigued, and she had fibromyalgia, and after a couple months, well the first time they came to pick up the medication they didn't she didn't even talk to me. Their mom wasn’t talking to me. But the second time she was so excited about LDN that she was talking and telling us. So she's going back to school, and it's amazing how for some people it works so good. It’s just amazing.

Answered by Pharmacist Dr Masoud Rashidi, LDN Specialist

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