LDN może pomóc w regeneracji po udarze mózgu (in Polish) (News)

LDN may help with stroke recovery (in Polish) (News)

16 May 2023

LDN) increases the concentration of β-endorphin and supports the regeneration of neurons after hypoxia and ischemic stroke in mice with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes not only increases the incidence of ischemic stroke in all age groups in humans, but also worsens the long-term prognosis after suffering an ischemic stroke. Diabetic patients have significantly elevated levels of acute phase proteins and pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-α and IL-1 compared to healthy subjects. This, in turn, contributes to atherosclerotic changes in the cerebral arteries (also in the heart), significantly increasing the risk of ischemic stroke and heart attack.

 After ischemic stroke, diabetic mice were confirmed to have a significant increase in brain OGF expression, increased post-stroke size, and neurological deficits and loss of OGFr+ neurons in several different brain regions.  LDN therapy increased plasma concentrations of β-endorphin and OGF, promoted neuronal regeneration in diabetic mice compared to diabetic mice treated with phosphate buffer (PBS). This result suggests a protective or regenerative effect of LDN.