Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Low Dose Prednisone (Steroids)

Answered by LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Sam Lebsock
LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Sam Lebsock

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Low Dose Prednisone (Steroids)

You take  LDN along with a low-dose prednisone. I guess I'd need to know a little bit more about this patient and how long the dose of prednisone is that they're going to be on. If it's short-term normally I don't have a problem with it, if it's long-term normally I don't have too big of a problem with it. I just need to know a little bit more about this patient.

I can add a little bit more to that.  So we came across this an awful lot back in the day when LDNs are started in the UK and MS patients weren't quite whacking those as a prednisone. So we came to sort of a general agreement with all the clinicians here that couldn't really initiate LDN until someone was on 20 milligram daily dose or less of equivalent vitamins alone or steroid.  I would say our current prescribers probably look for 10 milligrams or less and I think they're just doing that from safety just to show that the patient was able to get there. Anyway moving on uh maybe the LDN has a slight euphoria side effect that'd be helpful and still hold its effect at 125th of the dose for example trying it in micro micro microphones might be a factor that's good for some sensitive people and so and this is uh an interesting question at the last conference we had quite a good talk by now Linda might be able to tell us it was but if someone else would remember on Ultra Low Dose LDN  and can't remember who it was but basically I knew that Michelle talked about it earlier was the doctor Kim?  Kim yeah I think he was okay so and basically using it in a very very, very low dose like you're talking about it's it is used in a commercial a commercial preparation in those doses and the reason is similar to those doses and the reason being is that you can reduce the number of receptors are overexpressed by using that I know Michelle talked about that earlier, and that's important and I certainly think that LDN does have a euphoric effect in quite a number of people so absolutely that's where I am.