Is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Helpful for Osteoporosis and Dementia?

LDN Specialist
Pharmacist Michelle Moser

Can LDN help with Osteoporosis and Dementia? 

Yes, it may not be the only medication that we use but osteoporosis is an inflammatory disease. It is literally the change of how the bone is being broken down and rebuilt. Usually, with osteoporosis there are underlying issues. Some people have thyroid disease that has been functioning very low for decades that has led to osteopenia and osteoporosis.  Sometimes it is a hormone imbalance, which we see in dementia quite prevalently where people with dementia sometimes have high blood glucose levels but their estrogen, progesterone, testosterone are super low. There were several Japanese studies and a few other studies done in other parts of the world, not necessarily in the US, where dementia was actually associated with a lack of estrogen. That doesn't mean that you go out and you start taking a ton of estrogen and you are not going to get dementia, no. We have to evaluate how things are going, but osteopenia, osteoporosis can be helped with Low Dose Naltrexone to help reduce that inflammatory process. 

Again, it is not necessarily the only medication that we use in those situations. LDN can be used with bone density medications, it can be used with supplements in the herbal world to also help rebuild that bone.