Is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) a lifetime commitment?

Is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) a lifetime commitment?

Is there any data available on whether patients can taper off LDN, or is it viewed as a lifetime commitment to stay symptom free?

Okay, and I'm going back to my comment. We are not curing diseases. Long Covid is an interesting one because we're seeing patients who say, yeah, I used LDN, I got through it, and now I want to discontinue and taper. Tapering. You can discontinue abruptly with LDN for your long COVID patients. If they come back to you after four weeks and say, I'm seeing return of my symptoms, this is where we can do a rapid escalation back to their previous dose. Just go back to there. Away you go. As long as you didn't have side effects. We've already know what your dose is.

Other than long Covid most of the patients that we're treating are lifetime patients.Your patients that you're trying to prevent these in. Maybe this is where these long COVID patients in, bring them down to a dose that's somewhere between half milligrams to two milligrams and just leave them on it. Because they've already gotten Covid once and they've already suffered the ill consequence. I guarantee you, if you discontinue Naltrexone completely, they're going to have an inflammatory component kick up in the next couple of years at some point or some other injury.

I'm seeing some patients who, post-Covid, like one year later, two years later, they're now talking about things like, I'm exhausted, I can't get enough sleep. I'm still tired, I'm still struggling with this. So we put them on the Naltrexone and they feel better, and then they say, yeah, I'm thinking about coming off. And then they go, but I feel so good, I don't want to. So it becomes a patient decision. Tapering sure. Bring them down by a half milligram. You can do that every week. And then if they start to feel symptoms come back, bring them back to the dose they read where they didn't have symptoms, it's totally fine.

It's a patient-provider discussion, and I have no skin in the game. If the patient wants to stay on it, keep them on it. Everyone else, it's a lifetime. Every single other patient, it's pretty much lifetime.