Is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Synergistic with Mistletoe?

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Janine Milne - Consulting Pharmacy Prescriber
Pharmacist Consultant Prescriber, Janine Milne, LDN Specialist

Is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Synergistic with Mistletoe?

Have you heard that LDN is synergistic with mistletoe when used for cancer? If so, statistically, do you know to what extent it is synergistic of what the effects are or how they work together?   I would be inclined to refer to the paper, I think it's Dr. Nasha Winters, and I think she might have worked for you guys before with the LDN Research Trust.  Her lectures that we have done in the Integrative Medicine Diploma are very good, and she works a lot with Low Dose Naltrexone and mistletoe.  Unfortunately, in Britain, we don't have very many avenues to go down to prescribe mistletoe, and it's something that I wouldn't be an expert in,maybe some of the guys from the States could fill in because I realized that it's probably much more easily prescribed over there.

Mistletoe:  You can get it at  Whole Foods or you know one of your natural grocers, too.  There is some research out there with mistletoe and LDN. I don't know statistically. The information on how much. There is some pretty good information that we could probably get you and the research we could pull and send over to you.  You're right, Dr Nasha Winters was part of the 2019 conference, and part of the 2017 conference as well, and she does mention that. I don't know if she specifically mentions mistletoe. Still, she goes over the use of Low Dose Naltrexone in cancer during those conferences and I believe those conferences are available on the LDN Research Sorry to interrupt.  I've actually just found it. It's in the 2018 Conference and it's on the LDN Research Trust webpage. Very good.