Macclesfield man reveals he is 'pain-free for first time in over 30 years' (News)

Macclesfield man reveals he is 'pain-free for first time in over 30 years' (News)

Macclesfield Nub News
03 July 2023

70-year-old Brian Walker from Macclesfield suffered constant pain every day for over 31 years. He had constant mobility issues and struggled with work and everyday tasks, alongside feeling permanently exhausted and unable to cope. Doctors were unable able to find the root cause of Brian's problems and he was reliant on trying to ease the pain with various over-the-counter medications.

Once Brian was eventually diagnosed as having fibromyalgia, he spent the next decade trying out several treatments but was unable to find one that worked for him, with many causing unbearable side effects. 

Brian's cites his recovery to low doses of naltrexone, which research has found "may reduce pain and help to address neurological symptoms" in low doses. Naltrexone has been used for years to treat alcohol and drug addiction by reducing the cravings associated with substance use disorder and blocking the effects of opioids. However, in low doses, it has been found to have incredible effects on the immune system and inflammation. 

LDN works by blocking the opioid receptors for a short period of time, which triggers the body to produce more endorphins, natural painkillers that help to reduce pain levels and improve mood. LDN works by restoring normal function at the nerve endings and immune receptors, allowing the body to regulate an overactive immune response and use its own endorphins more effectively, contributing to the healing process.