Mark Ernest, MD

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Mark Ernest, MD

The Reset Clinic
5 Via De Luna Dr
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

Phone: 448-216-6727


The Reset Clinic, nestled on the serene emerald coast of Pensacola Beach, Florida stands as one of northwest Florida's dedicated Integrative Medicine clinics. Our clinic is carving a niche with its specialized approach focusing on low dose naltrexone therapeutics.

Over the years, we've come to understand the myriad challenges that individuals face concerning their health. To address these challenges head-on, we dive deep into evidence-based methods, ensuring that every patient receives care tailored to their unique needs. At the heart of our therapeutic offerings is low dose naltrexone – a promising agent that has shown efficacy in many health conditions.

Beyond merely treating conditions, our primary mission at The Reset Clinic is to enact meaningful change in the lives of those we serve. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, from aiding those battling autoimmune disorders to assisting individuals on their journey to alcohol recovery. We firmly believe that with the right support and guidance, reclaiming one's health is not just a possibility but a certainty.

In collaborating with the LDN Research Trust, we aim to further the discourse on low dose naltrexone's potential and work towards a future where its benefits are universally recognized and accessible. We invite all to explore the transformative experiences The Reset Clinic offers and take that pivotal first step towards a healthier future.