Methylene Blue

Kent Holtorf and Yusuf Saleeby
Kent Holtorf, MD and Yusuf Saleeby, MD

Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue for mitochondrial support also is an antimicrobial. It's kind of anti-spike too. It's broad coverage. I think it's helpful. Not everybody responds, unfortunately, but I do preach to take it and get out and photobiomodulate a little bit afterward. I pair it with other things, like some cannabinoids, LDN of course, and Amloxinox, which is FDA approved for Aphthous Ulcers. It’s used heavily in Japan for treating asthma, anaphylaxis, and allergy, but not so much in this country. I start out with a test dose. It works great to get people off of high dose Prednisone, get them off of Montelukast and H1, H2  blockers. 

It makes sense for acute COVID because lowering the inflammation, lowering the mTOR. 

A lot of the stuff I read about, or hear research surface, then you look into it and you're like, oh, my God, that's like $8,000 a month, or something crazy. Some of these agents that you'll see a paper or two surface and then they're just unattainable by your patients. So, I try to keep it grounded. 

I usually almost kill myself about every three months trying to figure out dosing on stuff. 

Always good to start low, start low dose, especially if there's not much guidance on where to go. I did the same thing with Methylene Blue and LDN. I like to go in kind of slow and conservative and then titrate up.

I think that's awesome.