The multifaceted role of astrocytes in regulating myelination (Abstract)

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The multifaceted role of astrocytes in regulating myelination

Exp Neurol.
September 2016

Astrocytes are the major glial cell of the central nervous system (CNS), providing both metabolic and physical support to other neural cells. After injury, astrocytes become reactive and express a continuum of phenotypes which may be supportive or inhibitory to CNS repair. This review will focus on the ability of astrocytes to influence myelination in the context of specific secreted factors, cytokines and other neural cell targets within the CNS. In particular, we focus on how astrocytes provide energy and cholesterol to neurons, influence synaptogenesis, affect oligodendrocyte biology and instigate cross-talk between the many cellular components of the CNS.

Keywords: Astrocytes, Phenotypes, Oligodendrocytes, Microglia, Neurons, Myelination