Is naltrexone used for pain? (News)

Is naltrexone used for pain?
No date (2022)

How does naltrexone help pain? Low dose naltrexone is not a typical pain killer, but may be helping pain by reducing inflammation. Instead of opioid receptors, it works on Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) receptors on glial cells. Glial cells surround the nerve cells and play important functions in the brain, beyond just a supporting role that had been assigned to them for many years.

Can naltrexone relieve MS symptoms? Naltrexone may work for MS because endorphins help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of MS symptoms. Some anecdotal evidence supports using low-dose naltrexone for treating MS symptoms. This evidence is primarily from people who report noticing a reduction in symptoms after taking naltrexone.